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8. Global & national responses

A worldwide collaborative and cooperative effort is needed to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. On 11 March 2020, the novel coronavirus was characterized as a pandemic by the WHO. As the central agency for international public health, the WHO is responsible for leading the coordination of global and national efforts and responses. The WHO is working to analyze data, provide advice, coordinate with partners, help countries prepare, increase supplies and manage expert networks. The WHO has released guidances & materials which are essential reading. In particular, we recommended the following resources from the WHO and other sources on the international management of the pandemic for your perusal.


8.1 WHO

8.1.1 WHO convenes emergency meeting on China coronavirus outbreakown

8.1.2 World Health Organization declares coronavirus a global health emergency

8.1.3 World Health Organization declares coronavirus a pandemic

8.1.4 Coronavirus outbreak: WHO officials praise Chinese response amid declaring public health emergency

8.1.5 WHO offers advice on adapting to a ‘new normal’ for lifting of CoV lockdowns

When should coronavirus lockdowns be lifted WHO offers advice on adapting to a new normal

8.1.6 Trump claims the WHO is a ‘tool of China.’ Is he right?

8.1.7 WHO defends its initial coronavirus response: ‘The world had enough time to intervene’

WHO defends its initial coronavirus response The world had enough time to intervene

8.1.8 The WHO Says ‘There Can Be No Going Back To Business As Usual’ After Pandemic

8.1.9 Battle Looms at WHO Meeting as Pressure Mounts on China over CoV Inquiry

8.1 Pressure on WHO

8.1.10 Trump VS The WHO: Timeline Battle

8.1.11 WHO Says CoV Has Not Meaningfully Mutated to A More Lethal or Contagious Form

8.1.11 WHO says coronavirus has not meaningfully mutated to a more lethal or contagious form

8.1.12 WHO Resumes CoV Trial on Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine After Examining Safety Concerns

8.1.12 WHO Resumes CoV Trial on Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine

8.1.13 Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus is ‘Very Rare,’ WHO Says

8.1.13 Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus is ‘Very Rare,’ WHO Says

8.1.14 Coronavirus Is Not Mutating, WHO Says

8.1.15 Watch Live: World Health Organization Holds a Briefing on the Coronavirus Outbreak – 6/29/2020

8.1.16 Who Official Says ‘worst is Yet to Come’ on Coronavirus

8.1.17 ‘Long, Hard Road Ahead’ to Beat COVID-19, Warns World Health Organization

'Long, hard road ahead' to beat COVID-19, warns World Health Organization

8.1.18 Wearing Masks is Now the Most Important Thing for the Economy, Fed’s Kaplan Says

Wearing masks is now the most important thing for the economy, Fed’s Kaplan says

8.1.19 WHO: It’s ‘very Unlikely’ Countries Can Eradicate the Coronavirus Now

8.2 World Celebrities

8.2.1 The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates

8.2.2 Bill Gates: The actions needed now and ways forward

8.2.3 The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order

8.2 WSJ

8.2.4 Jack Ma: COVID Handbook helps!

8.2.5 Jack Ma donates 500,000 covid19 test kits and 1 million masks to the US

8.2.6 Tesla’s Elon Musk: ‘We’re Working on Ventilators’

8.2.7 Zuckerberg to team up with Bill Gates on coronavirus treatment research

8.2.8 Warren Buffet Interview: Socio-economic Impact

8.2.9 Coronavirus Outbreak: Sternlicht Sees ‘World War III’ for 90 Days

8.2.10 Lancet: COVID-19 in the USA: A Question of Time

8.3.1 Lancet

8.2.11 Lady Gaga Teams with WHO for All-Star TV Event “One World: Together At Home”

8.2.12 Useless, incorrect to blame China for coronavirus origin: Lancet editor-in-chief

Useless, incorrect to blame China for coronavirus origin Lancet editor-in-chief

8.2.13 A Marxist Economist: Is the Coronavirus the end of Capitalism & the Revival of Socialism?

8.2.14 Stop the FRANCE Lied People Died COVID-19 Campaign!

8.2.15 Is China Telling the Truth? Donald Trump Proves China’s Accuracy

8.2.16 Herd Immunity for Covid-19 Is ‘a Fantasy’: Dr. Haseltine

8.2.17 UK Must Learn Lessons from Beijing’s Reaction to COVID-19: British Media

UK must learn lessons from Beijing's reaction to COVID-19 British media

8.2.18 How Bad Could Coronavirus Get in the US?

8.2.19 Bill Gates Warns Against Coronavirus Vaccine Going to Highest Bidder — ‘We’ll Have a Deadlier Pandemic’

Bill Gates warns against coronavirus vaccine going to highest bidder — ‘We’ll have a deadlier pandemic’

8.3 National Responses

8.3.1 Government Officials and Political Opinion Leaders Coronavirus: The Queen gives special address during pandemic – BBC News [English Voice] Merkel’s Coronavirus Speech to the Citizens of Germany (Official Translation) Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice on Trump’s coronavirus response: ‘A profound failing’ Coronavirus: Japan to declare state of emergency over Covid-19 pandemic PM Lee on COVID-19: Situation in Singapore under control; not moving DORSCON level to red Korea foreign minister interview with BBC. COVID-19 Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on Singapore-Malaysia ties, COVID-19 and Smart Nation initiatives How China “LIED” to the world!

Amie Blomquist

How China LIED to the world!

4 months ago

China: OK there’s a new virus. From now on no one moves around. If you go out, you must wear a mask. Nationwide lockdown and quarantine policies implemented.

The West: Don’t trust anything these f**ing commies say! It’s just a flu! They are trying to control everyone’s life! There’s no need for masks.

Asia: Let’s take measures, wear masks and control frontiers

3 months ago

China: Start building hospitals so the medical system doesn’t get overwhelmed.

The West: It’s a concentration camp! They are murdering people out there! They are untrustworthy!

Asia: We keep our distance and security high

2 month ago

China: We are experiencing a surge of patients and this virus is super infectious via air and physical contact. We are also experiencing shortage on medical supplies and medical practitioners. Pulling everything from the country to Wuhan.

The West: Look how backward they are, not even having enough PPE for their doctors and nurses. They are clearly wrong about the method of transmission, that’s why they are making everyone wear masks. They’ve even locked down the country and stopped the economy. What a bunch of idiots.

Whole Asia: Are those western countries gonna do something?

over a month ago

China: Numbers are reducing in China. People are slowly getting back to work now.

The West: F**ing liar! We are seeing numbers in Italy and it clearly doesn’t match data from China! Millions of Chinese people must have died! It’s still spreading!

Whole Asia: Why do they say masks are useless?

a month ago

China: Dude, why are things getting out of control out there? Where are your hospitals and why are you not in total lockdown? Were you just sitting there pointing fingers at me for three months, and did nothing?

The west: You commies never told us how dangerous this virus is! You’ve been giving us false data the whole time!!!

China: I don’t understand. If you never trusted me, and when I said it’s a big deal, you insisted it’s actually a small flu, why do you maintain that millions of people must have died in China? If you think the number of deaths must be very high, doesn’t that indicate it’s a dangerous virus and you should be prepared? How could you believe millions of people have died, but at the same time not recognising it’s dangerous?

the West: It’s only a big deal in a backward country like yours, where people are poor and unhygienic, where the medical system is still in the 50’s, where the government covers up figures and doesn’t alarm people [as to] how dangerous it is! It shouldn’t affect advanced countries like us!

China: But it is with you and killing your people now!!! Do something about it so you can still save lives!!!

The West: Not before we found everything we can blame on you!!! It’s too late for us to do something now, people will just die and eventually we’ll have herd immunity, but you must take the full responsibility for it!


World: China help us. We need masks, ventilators, PPE etc.

China: To the best of my ability, I’ll send PPE and medical personnel.

The west: You helped out of ulterior political motives to expand your influence ! Your numbers are fake. Tons of people died in your country. Our superior system technology and medicine are the proof that this virus couldn’t be beaten with such low death numbers.

Whole Asia: What about all our numbers? much lower than China?

England: I’m going to sue you for billions of dollars and make you take responsibility for all that mess. John Kerry: Coronavirus May Be America’s ‘Moment Of Truth’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC Gov. Phil Murphy – New Jersey’s COVID-19 Fight & Reopening Plans | The Daily Social Distancing Show Madeleine Albright Says Global Coordination to Fight Coronavirus Is “Essential” Trump Got ‘Lava Level Mad’ At Staff After Personal Valet Contracts COVID-19 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC Pence Staffer Tests Positive For Coronavirus | Craig Melvin | MSNBC Boris Johnson Defends His Plans to Relax Lockdown Andrew Cuomo: Face Masks Are A Sign Of Respect Trump Says He’d Change Nothing About Response As U.S. Deaths Near 94,000 Coronavirus: ‘earlier Lockdown Would Have Halved Death Toll’

Coronavirus Earlier lockdown would have halved death toll Putin: Russia Handled Coronavirus Crisis Better Than U.S.

Putin Russia handled coronavirus crisis better than U.S. Trump’s Coronavirus Cover-Up; Bolton’s Tell-All Book: A Closer Look NY Malls Can’t Open Without Air Conditioning Systems That Filter the Coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo Says

NY Malls Can’t Open Without Air Conditioning Systems That Filter the Coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo Says Biden Contrasts His Coronavirus Plan With Trump’s Coronavirus Pandemic Rips Through Red States | Planet America


8.3.2 Public Health Polices China CDC: Coronavirus is the common enemy Coronavirus outbreak: CDC doctor outlines U.S. anti-virus strategy How South Korea became the ‘model’ for beating the coronavirus How China is containing the spread of the coronavirus 5734 COVID-19 Cases In India So Far, Ordered 1.7 Crore PPEs, 49,000 Ventilators: Health Ministry What should be done by US Fed Govt & States?

8.3.2 us response How the untold story of quarantine monitoring has taken Hong Kong closer to winning the Covid-19 fight

How the untold story of quarantine monitoring has taken Hong Kong closer to winning the Covid-19 fight Hong Kong shows resilience… again

Hong Kong shows resilience… again New York Poison Control Says There’s Been A Spike In People Ingesting Bleach

Maryland emergency hotline gets 100 calls and New York poison control center records soaring numbers of people calling about ingesting bleach after President Trump touted it as a potential 'cure' The World Has Loved, Hated and Envied the U.S. Now, for the First Time, We Pity It

8.3 US Word Response on COVID How China Is Attempting to Prevent a Second Wave of Infections

8.3 China Prevents Second Wave Cook County Searching for Overlooked COVID-19 deaths As Far Back As November Just ‘To Cover Our Bases’

8.3.2 Cook County Ousted U.S. Scientist Says Washington Downplays Coronavirus Threat

8.3.2 Washington Downplays Hong Kong Has the Best Chart on Death Tolls of the World

Capture Hong Kong battles coronavirus crisis outbreak with 10 Tactics Whose Coronavirus Strategy Worked Best? Scientists Hunt Most Effective Policies

Whose coronavirus strategy worked best Scientists hunt most effective policies Trump’s Coronavirus Response Timeline | The Daily Social Distancing Show Qatar Airways Gives Away 100,000 Flights to Health Care Workers

8.3 Qatar How China’s Schools are Keeping Students Safe FBI Seizes Senator’s Phone & Wisconsin Overturns Lockdown | The Daily Social Distancing Show Trump Puts U.S. In Worst Disaster In Modern History, Says Professor Why is British Columbia Canada’s Safest Province? Madeleine Albright – Diplomacy During CoV| The Daily Social Distancing Show Statement from The Lancet in response to President Donald Trump’s May 18 letter to Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization Lancet Responding Trump China Says US Is Pushing It To ‘Brink Of A New Cold War’ Over Coronavirus Holiday Crowds Spur Concern About Potential 2nd Wave Of Coronavirus China Gets Top Score as Citizens Rank Their Governments’ Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

China gets top score as citizens rank their governments’ response to the coronavirus outbreak COVID-19: What’s Really Going on in Russia? | the Economist Protesters Urged to Get Tested for COVID-19 U.S. Response to COVID-19 is Worse than China’s. 100 Times Worse. TIME.

U.S. Response to COVID-19 is Worse than China’s. 100 Times Worse. Vietnam Has 0 Coronavirus Deaths. Here’s Why Coronavirus: Hong Kong Battling Third Wave of COVID-19 Infections as City Confirms 14 New Cases

Hong Kong Battling Third Wave of COVID-19 Infections as City Confirms 14 New Cases

8.3.3 Testing & Identification How CoV testing works? Laboratory testing for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in suspected human cases.

Laboratory testing for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in suspected human cases. COVID-19: Expert on China’s new testing method Walk-thru’ test booths offer easier access to COVID-19 screening Coronavirus: Kerala Installs Walk-In Kiosks For COVID-19 Testing New portable COVID virus testing machine approved with 100% accuracy

Canadian company says Health Canada has approved its rapid COVID-19 test First CRISPR Test for the Coronavirus Approved in the United States First CRISPR test for the coronavirus approved in the United States Abbott’s Coronavirus Test Falls Short of Rival Device Abbott’s Coronavirus Test Falls Short of Rival Device The US Tested the Wrong People for Coronavirus Questions About Covid-19 Test Accuracy Raised Across the Testing Spectrum

Questions about COVID-19 test accuracy raised across the testing spectrum Coronavirus: Test and Trace System Will Start on Thursday – Covid-19 Government Briefing How China Tested 11 Million People for Virus in Just Two Weeks How China Tested 11 Million People for Virus in Just Two Weeks Trump Wants to Slow Down Coronavirus Testing. Hear Fauci’s Response Hong Kong Among Places Urged by World Aviation Body to Test Incoming Travellers Prior to Flight to Avoid Surge in Imported Cases Hong Kong Among Places Urged by World Aviation Body to Test Incoming Travellers Prior to Flight

8.3.4 Isolation & Quarantine COVID-19: What is self-isolation and how do you self-isolate? How does the COVID-19 quarantine work? How does the COVID-19 quarantine work? Coronavirus Updates: FBI Vows Justice for George Floyd; Trump Signs Order to Regulate Social Media

8.3.5 Herd Immunity Coronavirus: Donald Trumps claims UK’s initial strategy before lockdown was ‘catastrophic’ Dan Patrick: “Grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy for their grandchildren” Boris Johnson: containment of Covid-19 ‘unlikely to work on its own’ MPs question recovered Coronavirus patient Professor Neil Ferguson Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID19 mortality and healthcare demand COVID-19: What is herd immunity? What is Herd Immunity? UK’s Strategy for Coronavirus Experts Hope Herd Immunity ‘Flattens’ The Coronavirus Curve Coronavirus: Should We Aim for Herd Immunity Like Sweden?

Coronavirus Should We Aim for Herd Immunity Like Sweden Coronavirus: Spanish Study Casts Doubt on Herd Immunity Feasibility

Coronavirus Spanish Study Casts Doubt on Herd Immunity Feasibility

8.3.6 Lockdown The lockdown: One month in Wuhan Coronavirus: Italian PM puts entire country on lockdown New York City streets empty amid Covid-19 lockdown India lockdown: How the world’s largest coronavirus lockdown is unfolding What Life After Lockdown Might Look LikeNew York City streets empty Frustrations Rise Over CoV Restrictions Despite States Reopening Images Of Large Gatherings Raise Concerns About New Spike In Coronavirus Cases How Well Did the Global Coronavirus Lockdown Work? Trump Pressures Schools To Reopen Despite Coronavirus Surge Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are a Major Source of Coronavirus Cases Churches Were Eager to Reopen

8.3.7 Field and Special Operation Hospitals Temporary hospital built in Suifenhe City for inflow of COVID 19 cases Time-Lapse Video shows Around-The-Clock Construction Of Chinese Virus Hospitals UK’s COVID-19 Mega Hospital in London Army to build field hospital at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field Event Center